For the price of these NBA Finals courtside tickets, you could have bought a house

Oakland, California (CBS Marketwatch, June 13,2017): : You’ve got a pile of cash to burn—do you buy a couple of seats that you’ll use for three hours, or a nice house?

For one basketball fan, the answer was a no-brainer. A pair of courtside tickets to Monday’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Oakland—where the Golden State Warriors won their second championship in three years over the Cleveland Cavaliers—sold for a jaw-dropping $133,000, or more than twice the median price of a house in Cleveland.

Eh, gotta have priorities.

According to a report by ESPN, the tickets are a record price for an NBA game. The seats were resold by a season-ticket holder on the official site, and generated $17,000 in fees for the site’s owner, Ticketmaster.

And while those may be the most expensive seats in the house, there are others not far behind. ESPN reported pairs of courtside seats also resold online for $90,000 and $82,000. Courtside seats for the finals at Oakland’s Oracle Arena had a face value of around $3,000 each.

Regular seats were no bargain either. The average resale ticket price for the game was $1,731, ESPN reported, up about 20% from last year’s finals, which averaged $1,444.