Pharmacist admits illegally importing 2000 ice pipes


Perth, Australia (The Western Autralian, Sept 8,2016): A northern suburbs pharmacist who runs a notorious chain of smoke shops across Perth could be de-registered after pleading guilty to illegally importing more than 2000 ice pipes into WA.

Cloud 9 owner Hoang Nam Nguyen ordered the Sweet Puff Holland glass pipes from China and India on three separate occasions in 2014 and tried to have them sent to his Edgewater pharmacy.

Customs officers intercepted the boxes and found hundreds of individually wrapped ice pipes inside.

Nguyen was due to face trial this morning but instead pleaded guilty to three counts of importing prohibited products.

Magistrate Elizabeth Woods told Mr Ryan it was naive to suggest a pharmacist was not aware of the way people consumed illicit drugs.

When customs officers searched Nguyen’s home and his Mt Lawley business, they found ice pipes on display, a diary that noted the expected arrival date for Sweet Puff deliveries and a hand drawn sketch of a pipe.

Nguyen told officers he thought the pipes could be used as candle holders or kerosene lamps, as well as for smoking tobacco.

The glass pipes were imported for about 70c each but were sold for between $60 and $120. They could have netted Nguyen up to $240,120.

Ms Woods will sentence Nguyen later this month.