Pet dog with coronavirus dies after returning from quarantine disease-free

Hong Kong ( CBS Marketwatch, Mar 18th, 2020):
The Hong Kong pet dog that was tested for coronavirus has died two days after being released from a government quarantine having been declared virus-free.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) in the Special Administrative Region said it was notified by the owner of the 17-year old Pomeranian that the dog had died on Monday.

“The owner expressed that she didn’t wish to let her dog undergo postmortem to confirm its cause of death,” the AFCD told MarketWatch in an emailed statement.

News in February that the dog had tested “weak-positive” for Covid-19 sparked panic that domestic dogs and cats could be transmitters of the virus.

The AFCD had initially tested the dog on Feb. 26 and quarantined it for the standard 14 days after detecting low levels of the Covid-19 from its nasal and oral cavity samples.